Diet for prostate adenoma and prostatitis: sample menu, prohibited and permitted foods

A special diet for prostate adenoma has been created for more effective treatment of prostatitis. This disease, as is known, often begins to bother men at an old age, when the body wears out, and therefore chronic inflammation and benign formations gradually develop.

diet for prostatitis

In order to best treat such a disease, doctors often add a special diet in addition to surgery and medication as part of a complex treatment. It is believed that people who adhere to proper nutrition for prostatitis and adenoma show a better prognosis for treatment than those who ignore it. Exactly what such a nutrition plan is will be discussed in this article.

Prostatitis and adenoma - brief information

prostate adenoma

Before proceeding to find out what is the diet for prostate adenoma and prostatitis, you should learn about these diseases. The prostate itself is an organ located directly below the bladder. Its role is very important, because with its help sperm is produced, which gives life to future generations. But over time, it can develop into a more benign tumor known as an adenoma. Despite the fact that it is not a cancerous disease and therefore does not metastasize, its appearance still causes unpleasant and even painful feelings.

This happens directly because the prostate is connected to the bladder through a small urethral canal. As the tumor grows too large, it compresses this duct and prevents normal urination, which is another unpleasant consequence of this disease. Therefore, for its complete treatment, it is necessary to use a number of means and procedures, one of which is a diet for prostate adenoma and prostatitis.

The essence of the diet

benefits of diet for prostatitis

Currently, prostatitis is diagnosed mostly in young people. If it used to develop after fifty, now it is found in thirty-year-old men. There are many reasons for such unpleasant results, but one of the most important is poor nutrition. That is why the diet for prostate adenoma and prostatitis shows such an effective result, because it helps to normalize nutrition and at the same time prevents the development of the disease.

Products in this diet are selected individually, because a number of human characteristics must be taken into account. Often, the patient simply cannot tolerate a number of foods that are allowed to be consumed. If you add some serious diseases to prostatitis, it will be very difficult to create a proper diet for prostate adenoma and urinary retention. But in general, the focus of this diet can be explained as follows - to include as much as possible dietary nutrients that help calm the hormonal imbalance in the body.

Diet benefits

The foods prescribed in the diet for chronic prostatitis and adenoma of the prostate gland should be as varied as possible, but at the same time should consist only of those recommended by the doctor. There are no very strict restrictions for a number of ingredients, and the main principles of nutrition are based only on the principles of healthy nutrition. If they are strictly followed, the quality of life in patients with prostatitis or adenoma can change dramatically, because the main symptoms of the disease - pain and discomfort - begin to decrease, and therefore the general state of health improves. In addition, the diet for prostate adenoma often prevents the spread of the disease that causes cancer and prevents further growth of the tumor and reduces the amount of testosterone in the prostate cells.

Any products used to create such a diet have a positive effect on men's health. And plant foods, moreover, prevent the increased production of testosterone, which leads to the development of the disease.

Doctors advice

useful foods for prostatitis

In fact, there is no special diet for prostate adenoma and prostatitis, so doctors often advise patients to follow a number of other nutritional methods. When creating a diet, you should pay special attention to the principles of these diets:

  • Table number 7 was specially developed by the Soviet scientist Pevzner for people suffering from kidney disease. This ratio of the two diets occurred due to the fact that prostatitis and kidney disease are often seen as a concomitant disease, and therefore it is necessary to relax them as much as possible and give them a break.
  • For infectious diseases, table number 13 is considered the most suitable, since prostatitis is often caused by bacteria. Therefore, if you improve the work of the immune system as much as possible, the body will fight the disease independently, not only with the help of drugs, but with internal forces.
  • Table #14 helps patients suffering from urolithiasis, since the bladder is adjacent to the prostate. Treatment of the bladder quite often causes the prostate to start working normally.
  • For the exacerbation of chronic diseases, special diet table No. 15 is used, but it does not require following a special diet.

You should base your nutrition on a diet for prostate adenoma and prostatitis, paying special attention to these useful therapeutic diets. In this way, you can not only calm the disease, but also improve the general condition of the body.

dietary guidelines for prostatitis

Diet rules

The diet for prostatitis and prostate adenoma is based on a number of fairly simple rules that must be followed to achieve the most effective results, such as:

  • You should not drink directly during the meal, because it helps to increase the production of gastric juice, which disrupts the natural digestion process. It is recommended to drink only 20 minutes after eating.
  • It is also not allowed to drink water before going to bed, because it will force the kidneys and bladder, which should be resting, to work at night.
  • In no case should you overeat, because in this way you can easily disturb the balance of food processing. This will cause your metabolism to slow down and then lead to fat storage and excess weight. As a result, obesity has a negative effect on prostate function. Therefore, it is necessary to follow fractional nutrition in small portions.
  • It is recommended to consume minimal amounts of foods that cause gas formation. Beans, sugary sodas and beer should be banned.
  • It is best to serve hot food to avoid thermal overheating.
  • You cannot eat fried foods on a diet with prostate adenoma. Prostate adenoma reacts positively only to boiled, baked, baked and steamed foods.
  • The main focus in the diet should be on foods rich in proteins and fiber, as well as almost no fast carbohydrates or fats. It is best to choose plant foods that contain B6, vitamin C, lutein and beta-carotene.

Authorized Products

approved products for prostatitis

The list of foods allowed in the diet for adenoma is quite extensive, so it will be easy to find and buy them. These items include:

  • Lean meat and poultry - beef, rabbit, lean pork, chicken, turkey. During the period of remission, it is recommended to eat a small amount of boiled waterfowl (duck and goose).
  • Fish is also limited to the consumption of low-fat varieties. Salmon, carp, silver carp should be put aside for a while.
  • Milk and fermented milk products - sour cream, butter, unleavened cheeses, milk, fermented baked milk, kefir. Cottage cheese is also allowed, but in small quantities.
  • When it comes to eggs, it's best to limit yourself to chicken and quail.
  • Cereals, in addition to semolina, pasta is not limited. Bakery products are allowed, but it is better to consume them in minimum quantities.
  • Any fruits and vegetables are allowed, except those on the limited list - potatoes, onions, turnips, garlic, radishes.
  • The best berries to choose are Siberian berries - cloudberries, blueberries, cranberries. You can also eat blueberries or raspberries if you like.

Prohibited Products

If doctors have diagnosed a man with prostatitis or adenoma, then it will be necessary to limit the consumption of certain types of food. These include:

  • Any fatty foods, as well as animal fats - lard, lard, lard and red meat - all of these can promote the development of the disease.
  • You cannot eat products that have undergone industrial processing before. Avoid fried, smoked, salty, acidic and spicy foods.
  • Canned foods or semi-finished products should not be included in the diet.
  • Alcohol and sweet carbonated drinks should also be excluded, because they cause swelling of the mucous membrane of the urethral canal, and therefore have a negative effect on the treatment process and can cause relapse.

Drinking mode

drink for prostatitis

In the diet for the 2nd stage of prostate adenoma, as in any prostate disease, it is necessary to drink water very carefully. The last large fluid intake should be no more than two hours before bedtime to prevent kidney failure at night. The best option would be to use compotes, fruit drinks and tea, as well as various herbal infusions aimed at improving the functioning of the kidneys, prostate and bladder. During the treatment period, it would be better to completely avoid coffee and juices in packages, because they will have a negative effect on your health.

Menu creation

tomatoes for prostatitis

As mentioned earlier, the diet for prostatitis recommends eating small portions 5-6 times a day. Based on the allowed products, you can create an interesting and complete menu that will satisfy men's need for calories and nutrients. Below we give an approximate daily menu, which can be used to build a diet if you wish.


The first meal of the day should be as full as possible and also saturate the body with various micronutrients. An excellent option would be a steamed protein omelet with cheese and vegetables. In addition, you can serve cottage cheese stew with a cup of green tea and apples.


The second breakfast should be light, because its role is to prevent hunger before dinner, and therefore you should not eat anything sweet or rich in carbohydrates. Make a fruit or green smoothie - they are nutritious, high in fiber and very healthy.


Lunch should be as intense as possible, and therefore it would be better to make it complex. The main dish here will be vegetable soup with a small amount of buckwheat noodles. You can cook it with chicken broth to get full. Here, the second course can be a cutlet made of steamed meat or fish, with a side dish you can serve cooked vegetables, and for dessert you can serve a fruit salad with honey and sour cream.

Afternoon snack

The afternoon snack is very similar to the second breakfast in its purpose, and therefore you should not overeat, just try not to consume unhealthy foods. It would be good to limit yourself to a glass of kefir or natural yogurt.


healthy dinner for prostatitis

Dinner is the best protein and therefore less caloric than lunch. Portions should also be small so you don't stuff yourself too much. The main dish is boiled fish with a garnish of fresh vegetables. Unrefined oil vinaigrette will be an excellent appetizer for hot dishes. In addition, you can drink a glass of milk with honey before going to bed.

Our health depends on us. The main thing is to lead a healthy lifestyle and always eat healthy foods.